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We are reaching out within our local community, the Appalachian Mountains and abroad. 
Our calling is to show love to a hurting world.

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Old Mill Ministries is now FREEDOM CONNECTIONS

We hope you enjoy the changes and improvements. 

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As you visit, you will see we are missionaries, on the front lines, serving, assisting and helping those in need. Most anywhere you go in the back country of the Appalachian Mountains you will see families who are living without hope, often without jobs or financial means and without knowing the truth of God's Love for them. Our mission has been to gather people together so that we can make a difference and serve the community for over 15 years.


Those living in other parts of the country may have fallen on hard times but are able to capitalize on opportunities that are presented to them or for the next generation at the very least. In this area of TN, poverty has been a part of this landscape for so long that those who are above that line and those who fall beneath it have accepted it as just part of life. Others believe those in poverty are cursed and those who are not are blessed. This is partially true but curses are made to be broken. We all are called to greatness and God wants all of His children to be blessed and to live life abundantly.
Andy Zeggert, Senior Pastor, Freedom Connections

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What was once Old Mill Ministries is now
Freedom Connections. 

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